As mortgage brokers, we have a tremendous amount of loan programs that we can offer you. This means that you, as a borrower, can benefit not only by getting a great rate and favorable loan terms, but also by having a great deal of flexibilty in how you choose to finance your properties. Whether you want to purchase investment property with no down payment or buy your own home with little documentation, we have loan options for you.

Here are a few of our products:

  • Stated Income Stated Asset Loans (SISA) at full documentation pricing with your good credit. Well qualified borrowers can get a loan without disclosing tax returns, bank statements, or other documentation without paying higher rates or fees. This makes the loan process both very fast and very easy for you.
  • 100% financing. If you do not have enough money for a down payment, or if you just prefer to use your money for other things, we can finance 100% of the purchase price of both primary residences and investment properties. We can even show you how you can buy a property without coming out of pocket at all - at surprisingly affordable rates.
  • No Closing Cost Home Equity Lines of Credit. You can utilize the equity in your home to fund a line of revolving credit without paying any closing costs.
  • Interest Only Options. You can add an interest only option onto your loan. This means you are only required to make the interest payments on your loan for a set period of time, usually five years. This will allow you to buy more house for the same money and is appropriate if you will be occupying the property for less than five years or if you are anticipating an income increase.
  • JUMBO loans. Looking to buy a home that exceeds conforming loan amounts? We'll finance you at a conforming rate, without charging you extra fees.
  • Option ARMs. This is a product that gives the option to choose your payment type each month. You can choose an interest only payment, a 15 year full payment, a 30 year (or 40 year) full payment, or a very, very low minimum payment. This is great for self-employed or commission borrowers whose income can fluctuate greatly each month.
  • Mortgage loans down to a 500 credit score. These loans allow you to purchase a home despite credit difficulties. Although the rates are often higher, you buy a home in what is without doubt a rising home price market and accumulate equity while you re-establish your credit.
  • Loans for modular housing. Modular homes, long popular in the Northeast, are becoming increasingly common in this area. Traditional lending does not accomodate modular homes - WE DO.
  • Construction Loans. Looking to build your dream home? We have a wide range of construction loans that make the funding fast and easy. Are you a builder? We can finance your spec homes!
  • Rebuilder/Renovation loans. Whether you need to add a new addition, remodel or kitchen, or rebuild your storm damages home, we can provide the financing.

If you need financing, chances are that we can provide it, at a superior rate and with a higher standard of service. To find out what we can do, apply now for a fast, free prequalification.